The coolest growing region in all of California, as cited in a study by the University of Southern Oregon, the Edna Valley is a mere 5.4 miles from the Pacific Ocean.


The ocean's influence creates our unusually long growing season, and allows the fruit in our vineyards to ripen to their full flavor and structure potential each vintage.

Jack Niven pioneered wine grape planting in the Edna Valley with Paragon Vineyard in 1973. Recognizing the unique and tremendous potential of the region, he championed the process of petitioning for it to become an AVA.


Always looking forward, we have continually updated plantings and changed up the varietal mix. Paragon Vineyard is currently planted to ten different varietals, most of them white, on 1200 acres.

Our family has been continually growing Pinot Noir since Jack planted those first vines over 40 years ago.

The next two generations of us are still at it, along with Burgundian born winemaker Christian Roguenant, and an expert vineyard team that has been with us for decades.

We are proud to say that we have farmed in a sustainable fashion since the beginning. It’s just plain the right thing to do.

Our Paragon Vineyard was one of the first Central Coast vineyards to become SIP Certified Sustainable; we participated in the pilot program in 2008.

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